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Our Clients

K Professional Accountants provide distinctive and excellence services to the clients from difference industries. They range from Public Companies and Capital Market, Big conglomerates in constructions and telecom industries, Hotel and Tours, Manufacturing, SMEs and not-for-profit organization in Cambodia.


We provide value added services with confident to our clients to grow sustainably and successfully in the emerging market. Our clients satisfy with the quality of our services and they continue to recommend us to their business partners and associates. This is a main driving factor for our grow.

K Professional Accountants specialized in the following Industries:

I. Public Companies and Capital Markets

K Professional Accountants works with licensed underwriters and regulator as IPO committee to support and build companies to go for listing. We are currently helping a numbers of companies to get ready for listing. This includes building up their system and trains their staff.

II. Construction, Real Estate and hospitality

K Professional Accountants work very actively with Construction companies and real estates on reviewing and compiling engagements and conducting the audit of their financial statements. When they expand, we help them to design finance system and train their staff on high level financial management. So far, we have audited and designed the finance system for many constructions companies in Cambodia.


III. Telecommunication

K Professional Accountants experts in due diligence, building up the finance system of big conglomerates in telecom industries. We act on seller behalf and assist in the acquisition.


IV. Tours & Hotels

Tours, travel and Hotels industry play a major role in Cambodia economic. K Professional Accountants also play its role to support the grow and success of this industry by providing support on audit, assurance services, developing financial system and training the staff. We have audited a numbers of hotels and tour companies and provided the support and review of their financial statement in accordance with CIFRS.


V. Manufacturing

This is the third big sector in Cambodia. K Professional Accountants work closely with GMAC and manufacturers to support them on tax issues, audit and other financial managements issues. To date, many Garments and medium size food processing companies have been audited by K Professional Accountants.


VI. Not-for-profit organization

One of the vision that K Professional Accountants is carrying is to build good governance. K Professional Accountants works with NGOs to support them on advising on how to have proper structure for good governance, transparency and accountable for their delivery to their donors and beneficiaries.

K Professional Accountants has conducted the audit of projects, programs, field offices, national offices and other special engagement to many NGOs in Cambodia.

Our expertise have been built up with our experiences in the not-for-profit NGOs industry and we are able to provide more value added services not just a simple audit of statement of revenue and expenditures. We help the management to understand the issues at the ground and how to strategize their control to minimize those risks.



K Professional Accountants exists to build professional accountants and their organization, to date, we have supported and built up lots of SMEs to expand successfully by helping them to have proper accounts in place, having their staff trained and conducting the audit of their financial statements.


List of clients can be provided as reference upon request

News Update

Seasonal Promotion: Tax Declaration Service for FY2011

KPA offers special promotion for FY11 tax declaration service to all SMEs, Large enterprises and corporation.

Contact us now for more information. For more information, please follow the link.

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