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Welcome to K Professional Accountants Resources!

K Professional Accountants found that there is a big gap in communication as well as the knowledge gap in financial management, auditing, taxation and business management sector in Cambodia and globally, the K Professional Accountants ( is exist to fill this gap by providing the following resources to the professional accountants in Cambodia and globally; and to providing a space for our professional accountants around the world to share their valuable knowledge and experiences here. We make these resources available free of charge so that they can be used as widely as possible to strengthen this profession in Cambodia and globally.  This helps us to achieve our mission to strengthen the capacity of professional accountants and their organizations on financial management.


K Professional Accountants provides the following resources that you can download or view them for free of charge:

  • Resources on Financial Management for NGOs
  • Resources on Financial Management for Companies
  • Resources on Audits
  • Resources on Cambodia Taxation
  • Resources on accounting jobs
  • Resources on business advisory
  • Link to other useful sites


For friends and members of K professional accountants who have the same passion to strengthen this profession, please share (upload) your resources here at relevant topics and so that they will become important resources for our professional accountants.


We are confident that our friends and members of K professional accountants will benefits from this exercise and share their valuable knowledge and experiences to build this profession even stronger especially our folks from Cambodia. We do really want to see more skilled labor growing in Cambodia especially in accountancy.


We do hope you will enjoy using these resources and we welcome all feedback, suggestions and comments.


Think Big, Start Small!

Start to learn a small piece of knowledge on day by day now, you will become superior soon.


K Professional Accountants Team!

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News Update

Seasonal Promotion: Tax Declaration Service for FY2011

KPA offers special promotion for FY11 tax declaration service to all SMEs, Large enterprises and corporation.

Contact us now for more information. For more information, please follow the link.

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