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We provide various value added professional services to our clients such as:


Audit and Assurance

In today’s evolving business climate, effective management of financial resources and access to reliable information about it are very crucial for any organization or firm. Our approach to audit and assurance services is to focus on adding value of audit services to our clients by ensuring the integrity of financial information and strengthening the corporate governance and internal control procedures.


Business Advisory Services

Our excellent Business Advisory Team can help you achieve your goals by developing effective business plans and strategies. Whether you are seeking to set up a business, expand or make new investments, undertake a financial restructuring in a turnaround phase, you can always rely on our complete range of services which include Business Solutions, Corporate Secretarial, Risk Management & Regulatory, Business Improvement and Business Process Outsourcing.


Tax Services

Our committed and experienced tax professionals can maximize your earnings by combining a comprehensive knowledge of tax regulations and the capacity to plan creatively to reduce your taxes and ensure absolute legal compliance.


Financial Management Training & Coaching

Our aim is to build tomorrow's accountants. Our professional trainers with competent technical, skills, knowledge and practical work experience will assess the trainees and take them to the next stage by training and coaching them to become most qualified professional accountants which will lead to career growth and the success of their employers.

Our training and coaching programs are uniquely designed and equipped with necessary computer equipment, workstation facilities and a learning environment that allow the trainees to study and put their knowledge into practice in the classes.


For more information about our services please contact us through:

Phone: +855 23 218 627

Mobile: +855 99 554 445

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Seasonal Promotion: KPA Offers special promotion for FY11 Tax Declaration Service to all SMEs, Large enterprises and Corporate.

Finance policies and procedures are the guidance and direction how to deal with financial management. The policies are necessary to ensure that proper control in place to manage the risk and ensure smooth finance operation.

Professional Accountants with expert in this areas, could help an organization to design a finance policies and procedure that suit to its business environment and context.

Finance System is critically important for an organization to effectively function its finance. With sound finance system the organization could provide timely and quality reporting to all stakeholders.

Professional Accountants with expert in this areas, could help an organization to design a finance system that suit to its business environment and context to ensure the finance system could deliver the quality service to the organization.

News Update

Seasonal Promotion: Tax Declaration Service for FY2011

KPA offers special promotion for FY11 tax declaration service to all SMEs, Large enterprises and corporation.

Contact us now for more information. For more information, please follow the link.

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