Our approach to audit and assurance is to focus on adding value of audit services to our clients by ensuring the integrity and reliability of financial information and strengthening the corporate governance and internal control procedures.  Statutory Audits or Audit of Financial Statements become crucial for emerging market country like Cambodia where the enforcement on Accounting and Audits Laws is effective. We offer:

Statutory Audit/ Financial Statements Audits

Financial Statements Audits for local and foreign owned companies whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with CIFRSs or CIFRS for SMEs for statutory filing or submission to National Accounting Council and other local authorities.

Financial audit for Local and International Organizations (NGOs & INGOs) whose financial reporting are prepared in accordance with IFRSs or US GAAP and donors requirements for submission to their donors, head offices and stakeholders. We also conduct projects/programs audits to comply with donors’ requirements.

Our audits is conducted in accordance with the Cambodia International Standards on Auditing and we deliver local solutions at International Standards.

Agreed- upon Procedures/Special Audits

We can assist you in the areas and matters by conducting specific procedures on specified financial information for a particular special purpose and then preparing a report based on these procedures. The procedures includes comprehensive review of Revenues/Sales, Cost of Sales/Cost of Goods Sold, Personnel costs, Operating and Administrative Expenses, Fixed Assets and Inventory.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is performed when acquiring or starting a joint venture. We offer a value added services by which we advise our clients the opportunity and risk involved based on our investigation and evaluation of the business.

Compilation of Financial Information

We offer our expertise to compile and help you to prepare financial statements in accordance with CIFRSs or CIFRS for SMEs.

Our audit methodology and tools

We tailor our audit and assurance services to address our clients’ requirements by applying our audit methodology which is designed in accordance with ISQC 1 and utilizing our latest audit tools to ensure that we can provide value added services to our clients.